The SFPOA, the Evictors, and Us!

The Harvey Milk Club discussed the Mary Packer eviction case in our previous eblast. And now, we have an apology from Supervisor Vallie Brown's lawyer after proof emerged, proof positive, that Ms. Packer indeed paid her rent in 1992. As if that would have been enough to save her home.

Haven't black women been poverty-shamed enough?

Let's stop just imagining Dean Preston as our new District 5 Supervisor. Truthfully speaking, we only have a few more days to turn our dream into reality, a new reality based on the humanity of tenants rather than the clutches of the California Association of Realtors.

Sign up to volunteer for Dean Preston on Election Day here, now. Commit your time to this cause!

The status quo must be running scared because the San Francisco Police Officers Association is spending over $200,000 to defeat Chesa Boudin for SF District Attorney, according to an SF Examiner article written by Supervisors Sandra Lee Fewer and Matt Haney. If you are lucky enough to avoid their dumb hit pieces, more power to you!

Our Club's work can and will overpower their reactionary junk mail, not to mention the Mayor's last-minute appointment maneuver. So study our Calendar of Events and commit to at least three volunteer events for both Chesa Boudin and Dean Preston. How else are they going to get elected on Tuesday, November 5th? The cops and the landlords say no, so the Milk Club must be doing something right.

Security in our homes and justice on the streets!


Sticker Lit and Movie Night with Dean Preston
Friday, November 1st | 5:30-9pm
Dean Preston for Supervisor HQ | 631 Haight Street, SF, CA 94117
Facebook Event Details Here

Yes on A & Yes on E GOTV Mobilization
Saturday, November 2nd | 10am-1pm
Crocker Amazon Playground | 1485 Geneva Avenue, SF, CA 94112
Facebook Event Details Here

Mega Rally with Mark Leno and Jane Kim for Chesa Boudin
Saturday, November 2nd | 11am-3:30pm
Noe Valley Courts | 4320 24th Street, SF, CA 94114
Facebook Event Details Here

Tenderloin Lit Drop Mobilization: Get Out the Vote for Chesa Boudin
Saturday, November 2nd | 12-3pm
246 Eddy Street, SF, CA 94102
Facebook Event Details Here

Medicare For All Rally and March
Saturday, November 2nd | 2-4pm
UN Plaza | 355 McAllister Street, SF, CA 94102
Facebook Event Details Here

Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story
Saturday, November 2nd | 6:30-9pm
The Castro Theatre | 429 Castro Street, SF, CA 94114
Ticket Details Here

Harvey Milk Club Slate Card Tabling
Sunday, November 3rd | 10am-3pm
Corner of 18th & Castro Streets

Major Solidarity Rally and Lit Drop!
Sunday, November 3rd | 11am-2pm
Alamo Square | Scott Street at Hayes Street
Facebook Event Details Here

Huge "Hella Mission" GOTV Rally for Chesa Boudin
Sunday, November 3rd | 11:30am-3:30pm
Chesa Boudin for DA HQ | 1769 15th Street, SF, CA 94103
Facebook Event Details Here

Vote for Dean Preston!
Tuesday, November 5th | 5am-8pm
Dean Preston for Supervisor HQ | 631 Haight Street, SF, CA 94117
Facebook Event Details Here

Dean Preston Election Night Party at Noir Lounge
Tuesday, November 5th | 8:30pm-12am
Noir Lounge | 581 Hayes Street, SF, CA 94102
Facebook Event Details Here

Election Night with The League of Pissed Off Voters & Milk Club
Tuesday, November 5th | 8:30pm-12:15am
El Rio | 3158 Mission Street, SF, CA 94110
Facebook Event Details Here

Milk Club November Executive Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 6th | 7-9pm
The SF LGBT Center | 1800 Market Street (Room #201), SF, CA 94102