Executive Board


2024 Board

President: Jeffrey Kwong (he/him) 415-290-5595

Vice President of Membership: Melissa Hernández (she/they)

Vice President of Political Action: Reid Coggins (he/him) 

Vice President of Events and Fundraising: Joe Solís (he/him) 

Vice President of Communications: Gary McCoy (he/him) 

Treasurer: Seamus McGreever (he/him) 

Membership Officer: Ernesto Cuellar (he/him) 

Membership Officer: Christopher M (he/they)

Political Action Officer, Seat #1: Joshua Ochoa (he/him)

Political Action Officer, Seat #2: Dennis Hendricks (he/him) 

Events and Fundraising Officer, Seat #1: Karen Tom

Recorder: Otto Pippenger (he/him) 

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus Chair: Michael Nguyen (he/him) 

Anti-Corruption Caucus Chair: [email protected]  

HIV/AIDS Caucus Chair: Brad Chapin (he/him) 

At-Large Board Director: Sophia Andary 

Events and Fundraising Officer, Seat #2: vacant

Communications Officer: vacant

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