We are in the process of developing a Club platform. Platform planks are introduced and updated at our PAC meetings, and adopted at our General Membership meetings (see Calendar for meeting details). When planks are adopted by the PAC, they are considered draft planks. Pending, draft, and adopted planks appear below.


Healthcare (draft)

Healthcare justice is a queer issue

  1. Create a statewide single-payer system that includes dental, vision, and mental health care for all ages
    1. Includes 100% coverage for reproductive and sexual health, including abortions, contraceptives and condoms, and PrEP
    2. Includes 100% coverage for gender-affirming care
    3. Includes 100% long-term survivor coverage, including prescriptions, mental health care, palliative care, and housing
  2. Work toward the long-term goal of fully public hospitals and health clinics
  3. Require non-binary gender options on all healthcare forms, and cultural competency training for all frontline health workers for trans, non-binary, and queer care
  4. Replace police with health workers as mental health first responders
  5. Require LGBTQ-centered data collection in healthcare and healthcare delivery studies


Criminal Justice (pending PAC adoption)

Criminal justice is a queer issue

  1. Create a CA civilian and victims’ bill of rights
  2. Move traffic enforcement from police to transit agencies, and increase accessibility of disputing tickets
  3. Divest from policing to invest in social services and community-based crime prevention, limiting policing to addressing violent and invasive crimes, and holding police accountable for solving them
  4. Infuse police training with accountability training
  5. Transition from police 911 response to alternative such as CART
  6. Create and enhance diversion programs for all incarceration-eligible ages
  7. Abolish pretext stops, jurisdiction switching, charging children as adults, cash bail, auto-sentencing, and private prisons
  8. Reform sentencing enhancements, including ending Three Strikes
  9. Create racial sentencing disparity oversight
  10. Prohibit detention contracting with ICE and Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  11. Reform CBP immunity, including for excessive force and harassment
  12. Legalize, tax, and regulate all controlled substances
  13. Legalize consumption spaces
  14. Legalize, tax, and regulate sex work
  15. Abolish qualified immunity, and oppose candidates for office who accept POA contributions


Climate Justice (pending PAC adoption)

Climate justice is a queer issue

  1. Complete transition to 100% renewable, affordable energy system
    1. Includes converting all methane (natural gas) uses to electricity, and all refrigerant uses to zero-emission alternatives
    2. Includes prohibiting any new permits for the extraction of fossil fuels
  2. Mandate energy- and water-efficient private infrastructure, and initiate large-scale green bonds for public infrastructure
  3. Initiate bond financing for planting
  4. Mandate zero waste
  5. Within SF:
    1. Complete implementation of the SF Climate Action Plan, and meet all goals of Chapter 9 of the SF Environment Code
    2. Find permanent revenue source for SF Department of the Environment
    3. Achieve [X] density
    4. Implement free and 100% zero-emission Muni
    5. Implement smart street closures
    6. Guarantee accessibility of green spaces to all
  6. Ensure a just transition for all frontline and vulnerable communities through public financing. These communities include under-resourced groups, communities of color, Native Americans, people with disabilities, children, the elderly, and fossil fuel workers
    1. Includes engaging with these communities to develop transition plans
    2. Includes providing these communities with resources, training, and high-quality education, including higher education
    3. Includes providing robust financial incentives to businesses investing in climate rehabilitation and hiring workers within these communities