Milk Club Board's Official Statement on SF Pride Parade Grand Marshal Un-Naming

Like many other LGBT San Franciscans, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club Board is outraged by SF Pride Committee’s decision to dump Bradley Manning as Parade Grand Marshal. Here is the Milk Club Board’s official statement on this shameful action:

"The Executive Board of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club is disappointed and angered by the recent announcements made by the SF Pride Board, which initially named Bradley Manning as a Grand Marshal of this year's parade and then recanted Manning's nomination in response to some predictable opposition. The Milk Club EBoard fervently supports Bradley Manning's act of conscience and ongoing struggle for basic fundamental rights. Manning's struggle is symbolic of the struggle of countless individuals to enjoy fair and just treatment under the law. SF Pride has never before shied away from such controversy and we question why this was handled in such an abrupt and unusual way. We would like to remind the Board of SF Pride that all of our LGBT rights have come through actions such as Manning's, such as Stonewall, such as the Compton's riot, in opposition to those institutions and laws that would prefer we did not exist. 

We call on SF Pride to reinstate Manning as the Grand Marshal duly elected by the former Grand Marshals. We also call on SF Pride to distance itself from the corporate entities currently harming the LGBT community by undermining our privacy rights, foreclosing on our homes, lobbying against our rights, and amplifying hate voices against us.
We stand with Bradley Manning." 

This is a statement issued by the Board members of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club. Please direct all inquiries about this statement to [email protected]