Remembering Ken Jones

San Francisco lost another incredible community activist this past week with Ken Jones, who passed away at age 70. (Read more here in the BAR.)

After serving three tours of duty in Vietnam with the U.S. Navy, Ken was stationed at Treasure Island for what would turn out to be a very consequential "relaxed shore duty."

Ken was a key organizer in what would become the AIDS Foundation, took part in the first AIDS bike ride, and served on the San Francisco Pride Board as its first black chair during the 80s.

Ken was also an ordained deacon who told the BAR in 2017, "God created me just like I am, healed, perfect, and whole."

(Portions of Ken's life and activism in San Francisco are chronicled in the book and miniseries When We Rise.)

Now, it is the Milk Club's turn to pick up his progressive torch and carry it forward into 2021 and beyond.

On Monday, Members of the Milk Club Board and the Castro community came together to put up a memorial for Ken Jones at the corner of 18th Street and Castro, otherwise known as "Hibernia Beach." Just days before, Bank of America had erected signs prohibiting the posting of any materials to the wrought iron fence, which became an impromptu memorial site for friends and neighbors throughout the AIDS crisis and is still used to memorialize our community's dearly departed.

By affixing a narrative of Hibernia Beach to the bank's exterior (see below), we also sought to remind Bank of America of the space's significance to the LGBTQ community. In the words of Tom Ammiano, we pulled some "nelly ninja shit.”

We stand ready if Bank of America ever needs another reminder.

Reporting on this needless controversy (including the history of this epicenter of the gay universe) can be found in Hoodline and 48 Hills.

The California Democratic Party has extended its deadline so that all ADEM ballots received by Wednesday, February 3rd WILL BE COUNTED!!!

Here is the Milk Club's list of endorsed candidates:

AD-17 ADEM (Self-Identified Female):
Christin Evans 
Cherelle Jackson
Janelle Jolley 
Nomvula O'Meara
Jackie Prager
Susan Solomon
Joy Zhan

AD-17 ADEM (Other Than Self-Identified Female):
Christopher Christensen
Corey Hallman
Jeffrey Kwong
Julian LaRosa
Vanessa Pimentel
Njon Sanders
William Shields

AD-19 ADEM (Self-Identified Female):
Sophia Andary
Brigitte Davila
Alondra Esquivel
Alida Fisher
Kalimah Salahuddin
Jasper Wilde
Kaylah Paige Williams

AD-19 ADEM (Other Than Self-Identified Female):
Brandon Harami
Gabriel Medina
Joshua Ochoa
Gilbert Williams
Alan Wong


With regards to your ADEM ballot, please remember:

1) That our endorsed ADEM candidates for AD 17 are listed besides these numbers: 01, 02, 03, 09, 10, 12, 13, 17, 36, 37, 39, 40, 44, and 46.

2) That our endorsed ADEM candidates for AD 19 are listed besides these numbers: 02, 05, 06, 11, 13, 15, 16, 20, 22, 31, 33, and 40.

3) To vote for no more than 14 candidates. (If you vote for more, then your ballot will not be counted.)

4) To fill in your 10-digit voter ID code that comes with your ballot. (If you do not fill this in, then your ballot will not be counted.)

5) To send in your ballot using the envelope that came with your ballot. Postage is already provided.

Thank you to everyone who attended our January General Membership Meeting. The Membership elected its new Executive Board for 2021:
Co-Presidents: Kaylah Williams & Edward Wright
VP Internal: Reid Coggins
VP Political: Jackie Thornhill
VP Events & Fundraising: Jeffrey Kwong
Treasurer: Jerry Fenske
E-Board Internal: Brad Chapin
E-Board Political: Lee Hepner
E-Board Outreach: Kurtis Wu
E-Board Events & Fundraising, Seat 1: Michael Rouppet
E-Board Events & Fundraising, Seat 2: Alvin Lee
E-Board Organizing: Nomvula O'Meara
Correspondent: Seamus McGeever
Recorder: Raya Steier
Immediate Past President: Kevin Bard


Also, Co-President Kaylah Williams nominated the following people to serve as At-Large Board Members: Joe Adkins, Jasper Wilde, and Luca Mineo-Marinello. The Membership will vote on these nominees at our February General Membership Meeting. And if you missed our January Meeting, feel free to watch it here.

Also, take our quick community outreach survey here so that the Milk Club can set its priorities for 2021. And please renew your Membership for 2021 by clicking here before it lapses or expires in February!

Dr. King finally got his birthday wish. In fact, we all did.