PAC Minutes, July 8th, 2014


PAC Meeting Minutes

Chair: Alex Walker

July 8, 2014

7:00 - 9:00pm


  1. August 16th endorsement
    1.  Here at the LGBT Center in the Rainbow Room
    2. Other democratic clubs are also hosting qualifying meetings at the LGBT Center that day
      1. DCCC is contributing funds
  2. Marcus, DCCC
    1. Volunteers needed phone banking 7th Congressional District August 24th
  3. Tim Hester, RE: Pier 70 and the first ballot measure resulting from Prop B’s successful passage
    1. We will be coming forward with more information to ask for your endorsement
      1. 30% affordable housing 30% local hire, Nine acres of public waterfront park
      2. By: Forest Developer
  1. Sue, Two Updates
    1. Vicki Marlene Unveiling
      1. It went fabulous
      2. Felicia Alazano sends her thanks
      3. Mural of the Cafeteria Riots is coming
    2. Howard Greyson Conference was a huge success
      1. Drew attention for next year’s event
      2. Already booked next year, Saturday June 15th, 2014
  2. Harvey Milk Club Dinner
    1. August 7th   7:00-9:00pm
    2. Community Courtyard, Mission Campus, City College of San Francisco
    3. Opportunity to show our support for CCSF
    4. Invites and information will be coming this week, watch your inboxes!
  3. Alex, State Controller 
    1. Speaker Perez started a recount Sunday in counties where he has already done well
  4. Bruce Wolfe, Community Choice Aggregation AB 2145
    1. Authored by Stephen Bradford
    2. SB Bill amended
    3. This bill should be killed
      1. Mark Leno stepping up efforts
      2. Sierra Club opposed
  5. PAC votes to oppose AB2145
  6. Next Month:
    1. Presentation from Wild Equity Institute
      1. Significant Natural Areas Plan
    2. SF and CA Budget Presentation – Moving Forward with Budget Advocacy
      1. Mark Ferral’s aide, Chair of the Budget Committee
      2. Rep from a CA office
  7. Golden Gate Park, AstroTurf Park Petition
    1. 15,000 signatures
  8. Show up to voice support for Jane Kim’s Housing Balance Legislation
    1. This Thursday and Monday, club will send blast info
    2. Club voted to endorse this legislation 
  9. Enroll in City College, Enrollment Signup Push Coming
    1. Sign up for a class to support the college
    2. become a student again 
  10. Adjourn