PAC Meeting Minutes August 2014

 Harvey Milk Club PAC

Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2014

7pm - 9pm

  1. Intros Milk Club and SF Beautiful
    1. Beth and Melissa
  2. Housing Prop K - Affordable Housing Goal – A Policy Statement
      1. By 2020 30k affordable housing –low, moderate to middle income
    1. April Venerocion – In Favor of Prop K
      1. Affirms city’s commitment to remaining an affordable city
      2. Wide coverage – from rehabilitation to new construction
      3. Money not in the program – statement only
      4. Follow-up policies to institute funding from different sources
  3. Prop H & I – The Dueling Ballot Measures
    1. Mike Murphy Prop H - Keep grass in GG and no nighttime sports lighting
      1. Currently consistent with master and local coastal plans
      2. Under AstroTurf plan, pitch would be created on chopped up recycled tires
      3. Will leak toxins onto the field and into the sewer system
      4. Sensible use of water and pesticides without using turf? – West Coast turf – organic grass like in the new 49ers stadium  - it’s a science and we have the technology
    2. Krista Backo Prop I – This was successful when applied to other fields around SF
      1. Brings down crime and raises community connectedness
      2. Passions are ignited, this is a dividing issue but it’s a matter of perspective 
  1. Prop F – Raising height limits from 40 to 90ft off Pier 70
    1. Art Agnos – volunteer, best project I’ve ever seen
      1. 30% low moderate and middle class housing
      2. affordable artist space – below market rate studios
      3. jobs – 30% local hires, 10k permeate jobs – low tech and light manufacturing
        1. Made in San Francisco
      4. 9 acres of public park space on the waterfront
      5. Sea level rise – project will rise the level of the land along the waterfront 55inches
      6. Height limit 40ft raised 90 ft, only on some of the buildings
      7. Endorsements – all the Supervisors and Mayor Ed Lee, Mark Leno, Tom Ammiano
  2. Prop L – Policy Statement to Balance Transit Policy
    1. David – Pro: Muni shuts down after mark and is lagging outside of rush hour
      1. 80% of daily life depends on automobiles
      2. This will impact low income San Franciscans, especially those who work late or early hours
    2. Peter Laughterborn – Anti: This measure doesn’t simply say we should think about people who drive cars
      1. It actually encourages people to drive cars more
        1. Takes money from Muni to build parking garages
      2. Harvey Milk Paraphrase– It is a travesty to human nature. We’re taking away peoples homes so other people can go to the Opera.
  3. Prop B – Population Based Requirement for Transportation Fund
    1. John Rizzo of the Sierra Club
    2. Supervisor Scott Wiener
      1. $33M hole in Muni Budget
      2. This is a stop gap measure, in a few years a vehicle license fee should expand funding by greater amounts and will
      3. This will add $22M to Muni – funding has not grown proportionally to SF budget
      4. Without it Muni has a $32M list of cuts to make
  4. Prop A - $500M General Obligation Bond to Muni and Transportation
    1. Alica – Muni can be slow, everyone understands it to be unreliable
      1. This bond would make Muni reliable, and marginally faster
      2. Save about 20% travel of time for 40% of riders – an hour a week
      3. Critical investments in pedestrian safety
      4. Upgrade traffic signals
      5. Will not raise property taxes and independent citizen oversight
    2. Howard - $500M bond, $350M in interest payments – total $850M Debt
      1. No specifics on how it must be spent
      2. Raises property taxes
      3. Legal language of the ballot does not specify what this money will actually pay for
      4. Ordinance says money may be used or may be allocated in certain ways
      5. History of props giving Muni more and more money with no results
      6. We need a citywide integrated transit system we can be proud of
  5. PAC Business
    1. Sunny speaks on behalf of Supervisor Jane Kim
      1. Jane Kim's can’t make PAC endorsement – Please support Jane Kim’s candidacy
      2. Jane Kim’s been a long time Milk member and advocate for queers and progress rights
      3. Main Priorities:
        1. Housing
        2. Public Schools
        3. Workforce Development
        4. Advocating for Prop K, L and C
        5. Homelessness, shelters and Queer individuals
        6. District 6 Queer shelter
  6. Tom’s 10 years in SF – Throwing a Harvey Milk Club Benefit at Virgil's 
    1. Serving one of only 4 kegs made by Speakeasy a Harvey Milk Stout
  7. Adjourn