Our New 2020 Executive Board!


Our endorsements for the March 3rd, 2020 California Primary Election are as follows:

U.S. President: Bernie Sanders
U.S. Congress, District 12: no position
U.S. Congress, District 14: Jackie Speier
CA State Senate, District 11: Jackie Fielder
CA State Assembly, District 17: no position
CA State Assembly, District 19: Phil Ting
Superior Court Judge, Seat 1: Maria Elena Evangelista
Superior Court Judge, Seat 18: Michelle Tong
Superior Court Judge, Seat 21: Cary Gold

John Avalos
Gloria Berry
David Campos
Bevan Dufty
Peter Gallotta
Matt Haney
Frances Hsieh
Anabell Ibáñez
Jane Kim
Honey Mahogany
Rafael Mandelman
Hillary Ronen
Shanell Williams

Keith Baraka
Queena Chen
Kelly Groth
Leah LaCroix
Janice Li
Li Miao Lovett
Gordon Mar
Faauuga Moliga
Mano Raju
A.J. Thomas

Statewide Measures:
Proposition 13: Schools and College Facilities Bond: Yes
Proposition: California Tax on Commercial and Industrial Properties for Education and Local Government Funding Initiative: Yes (for November 2020)

Local Measures:
Measure A: City College Job Training, Repair, and Earthquake Safety Measure: Yes
Measure B: Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond: Yes
Measure C: Retiree Health Care Benefits: Yes
Measure D: Storefront Vacancy Tax: Yes
Measure E: Ordinance: Limits on Office Development: Yes

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday's January General Membership Meeting and Executive Board vote. The Milk Club 2020 Executive Board is as follows:

President: Kevin Bard
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Reid Coggins
Vice President of Political Affairs: Edward Wright
Vice President of Events and Fundraising: Jackie Thornhill
Treasurer: Lee Hepner
Executive Board Internal: Jeffrey Kwong
Executive Board for Political Affairs: Hope Williams
Executive Board Outreach: Kaylah Williams
Executive Board for Events and Fundraising (Seat #1): Sophia Alexander
Executive Board for Events and Fundraising (Seat #2): Benjamin McGrath
Executive Board for Organizing: Nomvula Omeara
Correspondent: Brad Chapin
Recorder: Séamus McGeever

The Membership also passed these three motions:

Motion #1: To hold a new endorsement vote in the AD 17 DCCC race for a seat surrendered by former candidate Kevin Ortiz, where all candidates not already endorsed in that race will appear on a ballot at our February General Membership Meeting. The candidate with the highest score vote (assuming that candidate passes the endorsement threshold) shall be endorsed, but this endorsement will not necessarily guarantee a placement in our mailer. (21 yes, 0 no, 1 abstention)

Motion #2: To endorse a resolution before the SF Police Commission calling on the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor's Office to enact an effective response to homelessness and complaints regarding the presence of homeless people; to explore alternatives to police responses; to identify funding sources, appropriate dispatch protocol, necessary system changes and appropriate service models to move from a police response to a more effective health and human services response to homelessness; and to transform our response to homelessness from one led by law enforcement into one led by trained health and human services workers. Also endorsed by the January PAC. (Unanimous)

Motion #3: To support Supervisor Shamann Walton's $2.7 million emergency supplemental to fully fund the over 300 City College classes cut by the Chancellor of City College. And to join AFT 2121 in a lobbying effort of the five Supervisors who have not yet signed on to support the $2.7 million emergency supplemental. Also endorsed by the January PAC. (Unaminous)