Milk Club Values and the Next D7 Supervisor

Joel Engardio is actually running on being anti-police-reform. In this day and age?

In the age of Defund the Police and Black Lives Matter, Joel Engardio had the bizarre audacity to send out this mailer. In it, he attacked our Club's endorsed candidates Vilaska Nguyen (#1) and Myrna Melgar (#2) for District 7 Supervisor, in an apparent attempt to win over reactionary voters and Police Officer Association money.

All during the Republican National Convention, no less!

As a gay person, Joel Engardio should know better. Law enforcement has played a long and grotesque history of brutalizing Black, Brown, and Queer people in San Francisco and across the nation. This is why, despite being gay, the Harvey Milk Club Political Action Committee and it’s Membership decided not to endorse him for Supervisor.

For more context, check out Mr. Engardio's responses to his SF DCCC questionnaire and judge for yourself. He chose not to participate in our Club's endorsement process, so we have no questionnaire for this candidate, unfortunately.

Please note that in the DCCC questionnaire, Joel Engardio did not support the mayor's plan to divert police funding and reinvest in Black Community. He left that yes/no answer blank.

No wonder Joel is the candidate of the SF Police Officers Association, SF Republicans, Scott Wiener, and apparently Senator Dianne Feinstein's third-choice. Read the very fine print in Mr. Engarido’s most recent piece of artwork below.

Begs the question: Who are Senator Feinstein's #1 and #2 candidates for District 7?

All of this only underscores why the Milk Club endorsed Vilaska Nguyen and Myrna Melgar as our #1 and #2 candidates for District 7 Supervisor. They are both committed to life-saving, common sense police reform. Both oppose qualified immunity for officers, which is the civil rights action of our time. Both oppose tasers and have strong positions on many other issues including tenants rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice.

And both candidates support District Attorney Chesa Boudin, as if that is something to be ashamed of. By the way, do you remember when the Milk Club called out Kimberly Guilfoyle earlier this year for her anti-Chesa rant?

We tried to warn you back in January, America!

With several other moderate candidates in the running in this fairly moderate district, it is imperative that we in the Milk Club support both of our candidates for Supervisor, Vilaska and Myrna! So visit their websites and sign up to volunteer.

At the Milk Club, we leave no district behind.



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