Joint Club Statement on The Removal of Susan Reynolds after Homophobic Remarks


Dear Mr. Calle,


The executive boards of the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, Alice B Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club, San Francisco Latinx Democratic Club, Latinx Young Democrats of San Francisco, San Francisco Berniecrats, Richmond District Democratic Club, and San Francisco Young Democrats hereby request that you revoke Susan Dyer Reynolds’ status as Editor Emeritus of the Marina Times, as well as her access to the Marina Times Twitter account. 

On March 10, Ms. Reynolds publicly accused a gay man of being “fine with adult men dating underage boys.” In doing so, without any evidence to support the claim, she perpetuated one of the oldest tropes against gay men that has been invoked for centuries to smear, incarcerate, and kill members of the LGBTQ community.

When the Milk Club responded to Ms. Reynolds Tweet, asking her to retract the statement and publicly apologize, she doubled down, claiming that Senator Scott Wiener’s SB-145 legalized pedophilia, an assertion that has been declared categorically false by Reuters and other respected news outlets. 

In light of the blatant homophobia Ms. Reynolds displayed, in conjunction with her unwillingness to apologize, we feel it is inappropriate for her to continue to retain the title of Editor Emeritus and control over the Twitter account of a local news outlet in our City. 

When you purchased the Marina Times, you said that San Francisco is “special” to you. We also feel this is a special City, in no small part because it has been the center of LGBTQ activism in the US for decades, and a place where many queer people feel safe. When someone like Ms. Reynolds displays such blatant bigotry on behalf of a respected local institution, it detracts from what makes San Francisco unique, and hurts our community.

Therefore, we respectfully request a response to this letter detailing the actions you have taken to eliminate any association between Ms. Reynolds and the Marina Times.



Alice B Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club

Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club

San Francisco Latinx Democratic Club

San Francisco Latinx Young Democrats

San Francisco Young Democrats

San Francisco Berniecrats

Richmond District Democratic Club