MASKerade: 45th Gayla Registration is OPEN - October 28, 2021 at Congregation Sherith Israel

Early Bird Tickets end Labor Day!

The Milk Club is a place for people to be political, left, and queer.

We build power with and for all of the “us's” — San Franciscoʼs most vulnerable communities — to be free from scarcity, oppression, and machine politics

For the last 45 years, weʼve carried on Harvey Milkʼs legacy as one of the largest, left-est, and longest-running political organizations in San Francisco — and weʼre definitely the queerest.



We are here to find our collective voice and use it effectively. We speak truth to power, and we keep it real.

And we get results. We are not armchair activists or academics. We are boots on the ground and use both inside and outside strategies to move forward a radical, queer, leftist agenda. We are fundamentally anti-establishment, and we also push the establishment towards justice. That means we work within the system, including the Democratic Party, electoral politics, and government — on our terms, and towards our goals, knowing that these systems are means to an end, not ends themselves.



We always seek to inspire, galvanize, and motivate. We're action-oriented, celebrate wins, and remain resolute in losses.
We are visionaries on the frontlines of an imagination battle. Another world is possible, and we fight to make it real.


We belong to a movement, not a machine.
We are here to empower our communities and fight for our values, not participate in transactional relationships or personality politics.


We are accountable to our members, not to politicians or donors.
We build coalitions to benefit our collective agenda, not to compromise our values.


If you believe in racial, environmental, economic & social justice—and a queerer San Francisco—you belong here.