The Times of Harvey Milk - Birthday Screening at the Castro Theatre, May 22nd


He was powerful, charismatic, compassionate and gay.
After eleven months in office, he was assassinated.
Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary Feature, 1984
Director: Rob Epstein 

May 22, 2016 at the Castro Theater (429 Castro St)
2:00pm: VIP Reception with special guests (& champagne!) & student/youth art exhibit
3:00pm: Film screening


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Celebrate Harvey Milk’s 86th birthday with all your friends at the Castro Theatre for this special screening of The Times of Harvey Milk. Enjoy a VIP brunch reception at 2pm with elected officials, LGBT community leaders, and other special guests, and take in a queer youth performance piece. The GLBT History Museum, located in the heart of the Castro, will also be offering free docent-led tours from 1-3pm to those who have purchased tickets to the film. 

CAN'T GO/ WOULD STILL LIKE TO SUPPORT? The emphasis of this year's screening and, indeed, the entire year, is "Forty years of gving 'em hope!" The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club is dedicated to bring Harvey's legacy and message to future generations and this year we want to pack the house with students from all over the Bay Area studying LGBTQ curriculum. Even if you cannot attend, you can help bring Harvey's timeless and powerful message to so many LGBTQ youth by purchasing them tickets through our "Sponsor an LGBTQ Youth" ticketing option! Buy yours and theirs today!

Also, educators and students can message the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club for further details on attending this special screening.

+++ About The Times of Harvey Milk +++
Directed By Robert Epstein

Premiering at the Castro Theatre in 1984, The Times of Harvey Milk chronicles the political career of Harvey Milk, San Francisco's first openly gay elected official, and his rise from a neighborhood activist to a symbol of gay political achievement, through to his assassination in November 1978. Winning an Oscar for Best Documentary Film, international acclaim, selection into the National Film Registry in Library of Congress, the documentary later became inspiration for Gus Van Sant’s 2008 Oscar-winning biopic, Milk.