Harvey Milk Club's 4th Annual Pie Toss At The Castro Street Fair


Step right up for a chance to CREAMPIE your favorite SF political figure!

You heard us right. In the grand tradition of Harvey's affection for slapstick and political theatre, the Harvey Milk Club will be hosting its 4th Annual Pie Toss at THE CASTRO STREET FAIR this Sunday!
Get your cream face ready, perfect your tossing form, and join us as we all take a few good-spirited volleys in the direction of some local notables.
$10 donation gets you 2 pies to hurl.

11:00 am - Hillary Ronen, Member of the SF Board of Supervisors
11:30 am - Jordan Davis, Milk Club Member
12:00 pm - Lito Sandoval, SF Latino Democratic Club Co-President 
12:30 pm - Kimberly Alvarenga, Co-President of the Milk Club
1:30 pm   - Bevan Dufty, Former Member of the SF Board of Supervisors
2:00 pm   - Mark Leno, Former CA State Senator
2:20 pm   - Angeles Roy, President of the SF Young Democrats
2:40 pm   - Rafael Mandelman, SF Community College Board Trustee
3:00 pm   - Tom Temprano, SF Community College Board Trustee
3:30 pm   - Matt Haney, SF School Board Member
4:00 pm   - Stephen Torres, Milk Club Board Member
4:45 pm   - Shanell Williams, SF Community College Board Trustee