Community Plan to Save the Castro Theatre!

As you’re likely aware, the last year has thrust the Castro Theatre into quite the controversy. Since Another Planet Entertainment (APE) took over management of the Theatre in early 2022, the Theatre has mostly sat dark, hosting just 2 events in the last 3 months. APE is seeking to demolish much of the Theatre’s interior to make it more viable for corporate rentals, and we’re not having it.

Faced with our concerns about how the Theatre will remain accessible to the queer community and allies of diverse backgrounds, incomes and abilities, APE has shunned good faith negotiations. 

Which is why we are thrilled to announce that the nonprofit Castro Theatre Conservancy and Friends of the Castro, a coalition including the Milk Club, have released an alternative, community-centered plan to:
  • Activate the Theatre 365 days per year, 
  • Invest $20 million in capital improvements to the Theatre, and
  • Honor the diverse communities that have long depended on the Castro Theatre as a hub for queer culture, film culture, and accessible entertainment.
Read the detailed Community Plan itself and about some of the politics here (“New plan offers another model for the future of the Castro Theatre.”). And read about why Tom Ammiano and Michela Alioto-Pier believe that the Castro Theatre belongs to the community.

How can you help? The most important thing you can do is send an email to the Board of Supervisors indicating your support for the Community Plan at their upcoming meeting on May 16, 2023. Specifically, they should: 
  • Approve the upcoming landmark amendment which includes the revised language protecting “the presence of fixed seating in theatrical, movie palace style,” and
  • Endorse the plan proposed by the Castro Theatre Conservancy as it continues the fight that Harvey started to keep this a community-centered cultural center.
With a viable and credible alternative for managing the Castro Theatre, there’s no excuse for bending to APE’s divisive tactics. Our queer community deserves better!