2023 Milk Club Board Elections Are Here!

Join the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club on Tuesday, January 17th at 7pm for our January General Membership Meeting, in person at 302 Valencia or online at bit.ly/milkmeeting! We'll be voting for our 2023 Milk Club Executive Board, so don't miss it! Here's the latest list of candidates:

President or Co-Presidents:

  • Melissa Hernandez (they/she) and Michael Rouppet (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidates
  • Jeffrey Kwong (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidate

Vice President of Membership: 

  • Akeylah Hernandez (them/them/elle) *LGBTQ Candidate

Vice President of Political Action:

  • Reid Coggins (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidate

Vice President of Events and Fundraising: 

  • None

Vice President of Communications: 

  • Gary McCoy (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidate
  • William Walker (they/she/he)


  • Jerry Fenske (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidate

Membership Officer, Seat #1: 

  • Ernesto Cuellar (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidate

Membership Officer, Seat #2: 

  • Sydney Simpson (they/them) *LGBTQ Candidate

Political Action Officer, Seat #1: 

  • Joshua Ochoa (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidate

Political Action Officer, Seat #2: 

  • Noah Viengxay (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidate

Events and Fundraising Officer, Seat #1: 

  • Alondra Esquivel Garcia (she/her) *LGBTQ Candidate

Events and Fundraising Officer, Seat #2: 

  • Raina Christeson (they/she) *LGBTQ Candidate

Communications Officer: 

  • Gabby Burgos-Colon (they/them) *LGBTQ Candidate


  • Paul Aguilar (he/him) *LGBTQ Candidate
You can also check for new candidates who have accepted their nominations at milkclub.org/board