2019 Board Nomination Process


The Milk Club will be holding its elections for its 2019 Board Members on Tuesday, January 15th at 7pm at The Women's Building. So mark your calendars.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from all of the candidates at our January General Membership Meeting. And stay tuned for more details about Tuesday's overall agenda.

Keep in mind that write-in candidates may also run for any of the following offices the day of the election. Here is the final list of official nominees:

One President or Two Co-Presidents:
1) Carlo Gomez Arteaga & Honey Mahogany
2) Kevin Bard

Vice-President for Internal Affairs:
1) Reid Coggins

Vice President for Political Affairs:
1) Gabriela Alemán

Vice President of Events and Fundraising:
1) Brad Chapin
2) Terra Haywood

1) Moisés García
2) Kate Usher

Executive Board for Internal Affairs:
1) MacKenzie Ewing

Executive Board for Political Affairs:
1) Tab Buckner

Executive Board for Outreach:
1) Rexy Amaral
2) Kaylah Paige Williams

Executive Board for Events and Fundraising (Seat #1):
1) Melanie Ampon
2) Jackie Thornhill

Executive Board for Events and Fundraising (Seat #2):
1) Jessica Etheridge
2) Stephen Torres

Executive Board for Organizing:
1) Naomi Fierro
2) Edward Wright

1) Lee Hepner
2) Miriam Myers

1) Janice Li

For any candidate or set of candidates to win office, the winner or winners must receive at least 50% + 1 votes of all ballots cast, even in uncontested races. Approval voting shall be used in Tuesday's election, meaning that voters may cast votes for any and all candidates in a particular race that they happen to support. You will not be punished for over-voting.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your Membership and your voting eligibility, feel free to email us at [email protected]. Or join or renew here.

See you at the queerest board elections in town!