The New 2018 Milk Club Executive Board

We absolutely look forward to getting to work in 2018. Here is the new 2018 Harvey Milk LGBTQ Executive Board:

Honey Mahogany & Carolina Morales for Co-Presidents.
Kevin Bard for VP Internal.
Tom Temprano for VP Political.
Katy Birnbaum for VP Events & Fundraising.
Charles Sanchez for Treasurer.
Tab Buckner for E-Board Internal.
Gomez Arteaga for E-Board Political.
Brad Chapin for E-Board Outreach.
Anna Heredia for E-Board Events & Fundraising, Seat #1.
Stephen Torres for E-Board Events & Fundraising, Seat #2.
Caitlin Prendiville for E-Board Organizing.
Pau Crego for Correspondent.
Terra Haywood for Recorder.

And Kimberly Alvarenga will be also be serving as Immediate Past President.