Sunshine Task Force Appeal From Our Own Bruce Wolfe


Sunshine Task Force Appeal from our own Bruce Wolfe:

I call on you again for support on my reappointment to the Sunshine Task Force. The Board of Supervisors Rules Committee may commence this appointment as early as the first week in September.

As you may remember, I was the only LGBT disabled member of the public seeking (re)appointment to the Sunshine Task Force back in May but was passed over by one vote of the Board of Supervisors. This was due to superficial ambiguities that a couple of supervisors chose to exploit in a smear campaign against me and others also seeking reappointment, all whom are honest, ethical and with integrity.

=> => Please call your respective District Supervisor, especially, if you live in Districts 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10. The more calls, emails and fax will certainly make a difference. (If you wish to provide your support and do not live in SF, call or email anyway. It can’t hurt to have too much support.)

As you may not know, due to this oversight of the Sunshine Ordinance itself by those opposing supervisors the Task Force has not met for three meetings. This serious oversight was the lack of required membership “(a)t all times the task force shall include at least one member who shall be a member of the public who is physically handicapped.” Since June, no other applicants have come forward despite a call out to the disability community. Some people feel that I should have been appointed automatically in order that the public be served and the public interest.

Now three months later, there are a few applicants but only one other claims on their application to fulfil this requirement of disability despite any other information about this person’s interest in this important position. Other than myself if that person is not appointed the Task Force will continue to not be able to meet, stand in violation of city law, and will not be able to serve the people who may need public documents for serious issues.

=> => Again, Sunshine Task Force appointments for the only open seat will most likely resume in September. Please call your Supervisor.

Below is the explanation of those ambiguous details that those opposing supervisors failed to mentioned. Google ‘sunshine task force sf’ for more information.

Rules Committee will be meeting on this appointment on Thursday, September 6, 2012, at 1:30 p.m. in City Hall, Room 263.