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Milk Club endorsed Janani Ramachandran, our candidate for a special election for the East Bay's 18th Assembly District seat, has advanced to the August 31st runoff. Please get involved here.

The Harvey Milk Club is thrilled that Janani Ramachandran has advanced to an August 31st runoff for CA's 18th Assembly District. Read more about where the race stands here and get involved to ensure Janani's victory next month!

The bad news is that the California Democratic Party called a last-minute endorsement vote at 5:10 PM on Friday, July 2nd, and then held a vote on Monday. All of this during the 4th of July three-day weekend!

Because the vote was rushed without due process and fairness to both sides, delegates did not have time to consider vital issues including voter fraud, conflicts of interest, and forgery. And a black delegate who was traveling during the holiday weekend was not allowed to vote.

Read Janani Ramachandran's press release for more details on this incident.

When the Republican Party works to suppress votes, we rightly cry foul. When the Democratic Party adopts a vote process that by definition denies full access, we should raise our voices as one to speak out for a fair and just voting process.

Poll Shows Nina Turner with Commanding Lead in OH-11 Congressional Race |  Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog

Corporate Democrats are getting desperate in their efforts to stop both Medicare for All and Nina Turner, the Milk Club's endorsed candidate for Congress in OH-11.

And while we are on the topic of progressives vs. the party establishment, please remember to help out Nina Turner in whatever way you can to ensure her primary election victory on August 3rd in Ohio.

Like Janani Ramachandran here in California, Nina Turner faces opposition from the status quo. This is clearly evident in how the pharmaceutical industry responded (within hours!) to Nina's moving campaign ad calling for Medicare for All.

At the beginning of 2021, the Harvey Milk Club did not expect to be involved in any elections for at least a year. But surprises happen, so stay tuned for details regarding the upcoming September 14th gubernatorial recall and our Membership's official response to it. Along with other potential upcoming special elections.

All in good time.

Thank you to everyone who made is out to the People's March! It was certainly refreshing to have a Pride Parade centered around grassroots organizations rather than corrupt banks and massive corporations.

We'll Convert Your Children": Satirical Song by Gay Men's Chorus Awakens  Conservative Rage Machine

And speaking of Pride, please show your support for the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus as their members face death threats for the video posted above. Read more about this faux controversy here and judge for yourself.

The lyrics in question are as follows: "We'll convert your children. We'll make them tolerant, and fair.” The Harvey Milk Club has been doing just that for the past 45 years!

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