PAC Minutes, June 10th, 2014


Click here for a downloadable PDF of the June 2014 Harvey Milk Club PAC Meeting Minutes 


PAC Meeting Minutes

Chair: Alex Walker

June 10, 2014

7:00pm – 9:00pm


      I.  Announcements

    1. Saturday August 16th endorsement meeting,

                        i.     Member in Good-Standing Certification, qualifying meeting attendance

    1. Election results from June primary

     II.   Laura, Prisons Are Not Sexy

    1. Armory’s prison theme party for Pride

Motion to sign onto the letter opposing the prison theme passes unanimously.

   III.   Laura, AIDS Healthcare Foundation

    1. Formula Retail Law loophole and Castro location
    2. Bypassing the regular conditional use process
    3. Laura filed an appeal followed by the Duboce Triangle, Upper Castro and Upper Market merchant associations
    4. Board of Appeals meeting tomorrow at 5pm

Motion to support appeal before the Board of Supervisors to require AHF to follow normal community review processes passes unanimously.

   IV.   Laura, Bills updates

     V.   CA and SF budget talks update

   VI.   Andy, Plaza 16

  1. 350 luxury unit building, no affordable housing included, $5k rent

Motion to sign onto effort to keep 16th Plaza for the community and rebuff the “Cleanup the Plaza” campaign.

  VII.   Lee, Anti-Speculation Tax - Anti-Displacement Coalition update

  1. Draft legislation due in a week

 i.     Draft imposes a high transfer tax when properties are bought and sold within five years. The tax is graduated, reducing tax percentage each year after the first year. After five years, the property can be sold at normal transfer rates.

 ii.     Anti-Speculation Tax Outreach during Pride – Harvey’s Leg returns

iii.     Tuesday, June 17th 10am conference for legislation’s announcement

VIII.   Denise, Greyson Conference June 14th

  1. We need volunteers

   IX.   Rafael Mandelman, Elected Officials Ballot Initiative

  1. John Avalos’ Charter Amendment

                       i.     SF Mayor currently appoints individuals to vacant positions 

  1. Special elections held shortly after vacancy – draft in progress

     X.   Peter Warfield, Library Penal Code Changes

  1. ACLU “rules which allow for the targeting of homeless individuals”
  2. June 19th rule adoption, voice your opposition

                        i.   Harvey Milk Club writing a letter against these changes

   XI.   Friday June 27th TransMarch

  1. 3:00pm-6:00pm stage event, 6:30pm March ending at Vicki Marlene Unveiling
  2. El Rio afterparty

  XII.   Motion to Adjourn passes unanimously