November 2018 Endorsements



Please vote on November 6th, 2018! Here is our Club's slate of endorsements. If you're fired up, then print it up!

U.S. Senate: Kevin de Leon
U.S. Congress 12: Nancy Pelosi
U.S. Congress 14: Jackie Speier

Lieutenant Governor: Eleni Kounalakis
Attorney General: Xavier Becerra
CA Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
State Controller: Betty Yee
Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond
Board of Equalization 2: Malia Cohen
CA State Assembly 15: Jovanka Beckles
CA State Assembly 19: Phil Ting

Statewide Ballot Propositions:
Proposition 1 (Veteran Housing): Yes
Proposition 2 (Homelessness Prevention): Yes
Proposition 4 (Children's Hospital Bond): Yes
Proposition 5 (Property Transfer Tax): No
Proposition 6 (Gas Tax Repeal): No
Proposition 7 (Daylight Savings Time): Yes
Proposition 8 (Limits on Dialysis Clinics' Revenue): Yes
Proposition 10 (Costa-Hawkins Repeal): Yes
Proposition 11 (Ambulance Workers On-Call At Breaks): No
Proposition 12 (Less Farm Animal Confinement): Yes

San Francisco:
District 4 Supervisor: Gordon Mar
District 6 Supervisor: Matt Haney
District 8: Rafael Mandelman
District 10 Supervisor: #1 Tony Kelly, #2 Shamann Walton
SF School Board: Alison Collins, Gabriela Lopez, & Mia Satya
SF Community College Board: Brigitte Davila, John Rizzo, & Thea Selby
Public Defender: Jeff Adachi
District 8 BART Board: Janice Li

San Francisco Ballot Measures:
Measure A (Seawall Bond): Yes
Measure B (City Privacy Guidelines): Yes
Measure C (Our City, Our Home): Yes
Measure D (Cannabis Business Tax): Yes
Measure E (Hotel Tax Spending for the Arts): Yes

District 1 City Council: Igor Tregub
District 4 City Council: Kate Harrison
District 7 City Council: Rigel Robinson
District 8 City Council: Mary Kay Lacey
Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board: Soli Alpert, James Chang, Paola Laverde, Maria Poblet, & John Selawsky

District 4 City Council: Justin Sha
Fremont School Board: Dianne Jones

Oakland Mayor: Cat Brooks
District 2 City Council: Nikki Fortunato Bas
District 4 City Council: Sheng Thao
District 6 City Council: Desley Brooks

Richmond Mayor: Melvin Willis
Richmond City Council: Eduardo Martinez & Ada Recinos

Alameda County Ballot Measures:
Measure E (Peralta Community College District Parcel Tax Renewal): Yes
Measure O (Berkeley Housing Bond): Yes
Measure P (Berkeley Real Property Transfer Tax Increase): Yes
Measure V (Oakland Marijuana Business Tax Amendments): Yes
Measure W (Oakland Vacant Property Tax): Yes
Measure X (Oakland Real Property Transfer Tax Increase): Yes
Measure Y (Oakland Eviction Limitations Amendments): Yes
Measure Z (Oakland Hotel Employee Minimum Wage Charter Amendment): Yes
Measure AA (Oakland Education Parcel Tax Charter Amendment): Yes

Richmond Ballot Measures:
Measure H (Richmond Documentary Transfer Tax Increase): Yes
Measure T (Richmond Vacant Property Special Parcel Tax Initiative): Yes