Milk Club Endorsement Season



Here are our Milk Club's endorsements for the November 2020 ballot:


United States President & Vice President: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

U.S. Congress, District 12: Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Congress, District 14: Jackie Speier

CA State Senate, District 11: Jackie Fielder

CA State Assembly, District 17: no position

CA State Assembly, District 19: Phil Ting

District 1 Supervisor: Connie Chan

District 3 Supervisor: Aaron Peskin

District 5 Supervisor: Dean Preston

District 7 Supervisor: #1 Vilaska Nguyen, #2 Myrna Melgar

District 9 Supervisor: Hillary Ronen

District 11 Supervisor: John Avalos

School Board: Kevine Boggess, Alida Fisher, Mark Sanchez

Community College Board: Tom Temprano, Shanell Williams, Alan Wong, Han Zou

BART Board, District 7: Lateefah Simon

BART Board, District 9: Bevan Dufty

AC Transit Board of Directors, Ward 1: Jovanka Beckles

Proposition 14: Bonds authorizing $5.5 billion for state stem cell research. YES

Proposition 15: Tax commercial and industrial properties for education and local government funding. YES

Proposition 16: Repeal Proposition 209 and allow for more diversity. YES

Proposition 17: Restore the right to vote to ex-prisoners. YES

Proposition 18: Permit people 17-years-old the right to vote in primaries and special elections. YES

Proposition 19: Property tax transfers, exemptions, and revenue for wildfire agencies. no position

Proposition 20: Restrict parole for non-violent offenders. NO

Proposition 21: Expand local government's ability to enact rent control. YES

Proposition 22: Exempt app-based transportation and delivery companies from providing employee benefits. NO

Proposition 23: State requirements for kidney dialysis clinics. YES

Proposition 24: Establish the California Privacy Protection Agency. no position

Proposition 25: Replace money bail with a system based on public safety and flight risk. YES

Measure A: Health and homelessness, parks, and streets bond. YES

Measure B: Create a Public Works Commission and a Department and Commission of Sanitation and Streets. YES

Measure C: Remove citizenship requirements for members of city bodies. YES

Measure D: Sheriff's Department oversight. YES

Measure E: Remove the minimum police staffing requirement. YES

Measure F: Business tax overhaul. YES

Measure G: Authorize youths aged 16 and 17 to vote in municipal elections. YES

Measure H: Neighborhood commercial districts and city permitting. no position

Measure I: Real estate transfer tax. YES

Measure J: Parcel Tax for SFUSD. YES

Measure K: Affordable housing authorization. YES

Measure L: Business tax based on comparison of top executive's pay to employees' pay. YES

Measure RR: CalTrain sales tax. YES


Here is our list of completed questionnaires turned in so far:


US House, CA-12: Shahid Buttar


District 1 Supervisor: Connie Chan

District 1 Supervisor: David Lee

District 1 Supervisor: Marjan Philhour

District 1 Supervisor: Marjan Philhour (Candidate Statement)

District 1 Supervisor: Veronica Shinzato


District 3 Supervisor: Aaron Peskin

District 3 Supervisor: Danny Sauter


District 5 Supervisor: Daniel Landry

District 5 Supervisor: Nomvula O'Meara

District 5 Supervisor: Dean Preston


District 7 Supervisor: Stephen Martin-Pinto

District 7 Supervisor: Myrna Melgar

District 7 Supervisor: Emily Murase

District 7 Supervisor: Vilaska Nguyen


District 9 Supervisor: Hillary Ronen


District 11 Supervisor: John Avalos

District 11 Supervisor: Ahsha Safai


School Board: Matt Alexander

School Board: Kevine Boggess

School Board: Alida Fisher

School Board: Jenny Lam

School Board: Tim Murphy

School Board: Michelle Parker

School Board: Mark Sanchez

School Board: Njon Sanders


Community College Board: Aliya Chisti

Community College Board: Anita Martinez

Community College Board: Jeanette Quick

Community College Board: Geramye Teeter

Community College Board: Tom Temprano

Community College Board: Shanell Williams

Community College Board: Han Zhou


District 9 BART Board: Bevan Dufty

AC Transit, Ward 1: Jovanka Beckles


Ballot Measure (Local): Real Estate Transfer Tax Rate Increase

Ballot Measure (Local): Article 34 Authorization for Social Housing