Last GOTV of 2022!

November PAC is Canceled-- so let's Get Out the Vote! 

November PAC has been canceled so we can Get out the Vote! Join us on Election Day at 3042 16th Street to join a progressive coalition of volunteers to support some of our endorsed campaigns, including:

  • John Hamasaki for District Attorney
  • Alida Fisher, Karen Fleshman, & Gabriela Lopez for Board of Education 
  • Vick Chung, Anita Martinez, Susan Solomon, & Adolfo Velasquez for City College Board of Trustees
  • Mano Raju for Public Defender
  • Propositions E, G, H, L, M, and O!

Sign up here.

Progressive Election Night Watch Party!

Join the SF Berniecrats, Harvey Milk LGBTQ+ Dem Club, and SF Young Democrats for our Progressive Election Night Watch Party at El Rio (3158 Mission St), starting at 8:30pm!
We'll be enjoying drinks, food, and good company with progressive friends across the City. We'll also be joined by several campaigns up and down the local ballot, as we watch the results roll in! 

Thanks for Coming to Gayla! 

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Milk Club's 2022 Gayla, presented by NUHW and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to celebrate 46 years of progress. We had a great time, and hope you did, too! Celebrating and recharging is even more important as we fight back the onslaught of anti-LGBTQ laws across this country.

Thank you for helping us inspire the next generation of leaders like Zander Moricz, Jupiter Peraza, Nicki Jizz, and members of SF Rising, and for celebrating Cleve Jones’ lifetime of achievement award. We hope you can join us as we keep fighting for yet another year (and the next, and the next)!

Special thanks to all of our incredible sponsors, volunteers, and Garaje Gooch for taking incredible photos (which you can peek here)!