General Membership Minutes, June 17th, 2014



General Membership Meeting Minutes

Chair: Laura Thomas

June 17th, 2014



1.   Pride Update

    • Friday: Transmarch: 12pm-3pm Youth and Elder Brunch, Stage Performance 3pm-6pm, 6:30pm March from Dolores to Turk and Taylor. Followed by Vicki Marlane Naming Celebration and Aunt Charlie's afterparty 
    • Saturday: Dike March  
    • Sunday: Pride Parade contingent with David Campos Campaign
      • Joined by John Perez and Toni Atkins
      • Yellow Pride Harvey Milk Club Shirts to be printed
      • Pride Hard French afterparty 

2.   Sue, Howard Grayson Conference

    • Multiple panels discussing the different types of direct action we need to take to provide affordable housing and affordable healthcare

3.   Cynthia Crews, Seeking appointment to LAFCO

    • League of Pissed of Voters
    • Long time environmental activist and policy “wonk”
    • Fighting to make CleanPowerSF a reality
    • Meeting June 27th, 2:00pm, I need support for my appointment. Please come and show/vocalize support

Motion to endorse Cynthia Crews' appointment to the voting seat of LAFCO passes unanimously

    • Joshua James will write a letter on the club's behalf.

4.   John Avalos, Electing Elected Officials

    • Charter Amendment, "Let’s Elect Our Elected Officials"
    • A vacancy in the position of Mayor or Board of Supervisors must be filled by a special election within 140 days if no election is scheduled to occur within 180 days.
    • A BOS interim appointment cannot run for position in the special election

Motion to endorse putting Electing Elected Officials on the ballot passes unanimously

    • Joshua James will write a letter on the club's behalf. 

5.  Tim Redman, June 2014 Primary Election Assessment

    • David Campos did extraordinarily well, less than 4 points under David Chiu
    • Turnout will matter in this election
    • The many interesting ballot initiatives this election may pull in voters

6.   Keep 16th Plaza for the People

    • Resisting “cleanup the plaza’s campaign” to build a luxury condo building on the corner of 16th and mission above the plaza, 5k a month rent

Motion to sign onto coalition and stay abreast of future participation opportunities passes unanimously

7.   Lee, Anti-Speculation Tax

    • On the Ballot in November, 5 year tax reducing each year after purchase to curb speculation on buildings with multiple apartment rentals and tenants            

Motion of support for the Prisons Aren’t Sexy letter which calls on the Armory to change its Prison Pride party theme passes

8.   Tom, Executive Board At Large Appointment

    • Month notice, election next meeting
    • Jenna, Organizer for the David Campos Campaign  

9.   New Business

    • Morning Mix 8am, Radio Talk show restoration – cancelled without notice. Please contact the GM to request the Morning Mix be put back on KPFA

Motion to support restoration of the Morning Mix on KPFA passes unanimously

    • Bruce, Sunshine Task Force
    • Rick, Busses to State Assembly in support of Ellis Act Reform
    • Kevin, Fundraiser for AstroTurf Wednesday June 18th