General Membership Minutes July 2014

Milk Club Minutes

General Membership

July 15, 2014


Chair: Laura Thomas


  1. PAC Update
    1. Endorsement process: Saturday August 16th, Rainbow Room LGBT Center 9am-5pm November Election
      1. Multiple clubs hosting endorsements at the LGBT Center that day
      2. Attend PAC meeting August 12th and two hours participation Saturday to qualify to vote
    2. Sign up sheet for callers – Thursday July 24th East Sacramento Swing County, DCCC HQ in SF
    3. Community Choice Aggregation
      1. Please oppose AB2125 – passed AB, headed to the Senate
      2. Opposed by Sierra Club and Mark Leno
    4. Motion to oppose AB2145 passes unanimously
    5. CA State Dem Party votes
      1. Yes on 44, yes 45, neutral prop 46, yes on 47, yes on 48, water bond on hold
      2. Investigating changes to delegation rules
        1. Growing in size
        2. Appointments by elected officials can't vote when they live outside the district
  2. San Francisco Budget Package
    1. Jess, Mark Ferrell’s office and Lisa Marie, Harvey Milk Executive Board
      1. $8.6 Billion proposed by Mayor Ed Lee
      2. $40million in addition savings found by the budget committee to reallocate
        1. Package approved by BOS unanimously
        2. Highlights:
          1. More invested in affordable housing, revamp and production
          2. Immense homelessness focus and committee time 
          3. Food security
          4. Parks and rec
          5. Funds for Mission Zero
  1. Pride Update
    1. All the parades went great
      1. Thank you members for your participation
    2. Yellow Shirts Still for Sale
  2. Annual Dinner and Gayla
    1. Thursday August 7th 6:00pm – 9:00pm
    2. CCSF Mission Campus, Community Room and Courtyard
      1. Catered by CCSF Culinary
    3. Opportunity to Highlight CCSF and the issues we are working on
      1. We want to spend our money at CCSF
    4. Honorees Announced
      1. Tom Ammiano to get his second Harry Britt Lifetime Achievement Awards
    5. We need to raise money! Please help sell tickets!
      1. Contact Tom or Laura if you have leads
  3. Sharp Park Golf Course and Significant Resources Natural Areas Management Plan
    1. Sharp Park Golf Course redevelopment plan affected by the significant natural areas plan
      1. The plan has to go under the significant natural areas environmental review
      2. We oppose the redevelopment plan’s inclusion in the natural areas plan
      3. By including it, they remove public input and democratic planning processes
    2. Motion made to write a letter opposing the Sharp Park Golf Course’s inclusion in the Significant Resources Natural Areas Management Plan passes
  4. Recycling Center Action Update
    1. Eviction of the Center tomorrow at 6am will have a huge effect on the community
    2. Civil Disobedience to protest and block the eviction
      1. 5:30am Safeway Recycling Center
  5. Anti-Speculation Tax Update
    1. Four supervisors approved the bill for November
    2. Polling well, needs fifty-percent plus one
    3. Endorsement issue, Club can't support Harvey's legislation because of bylaw technicality
      1. Three options:
        1. suspend bylaws temporarily
        2. temporarily give executive board authority to endorse
        3. do nothing
    4. Motion made to suspend bylaws temporarily passes unanimously
    5. Motion made to endorse the Harvey Milk Anti-Speculation Tax and bring it for a confirmation meeting at the regular endorsement meeting in August passes unanimously
  6. GM Executive Board At Large Appointment, Jenna Haywood
    1. Nominated last month
    2. Has done great work in the LGBT community, with labor issues and with David Campos
    3. Nomination passes unanimously
  7. Queer Strike and Welfare Warriors, First International Week for Stop the War on the Poor
    1. Rise Out of Poverty Act in US House of Reps
      1. Proposes changes in workfare program
        1. Mothering is work
        2. Schoolwork is work
        3. 1 in 2 people in county are low income or no income
    2. Motion to support Rise Out of Poverty Act and campaign to propel its passage
  8. New Business
    1. Sythina Cruise passed appointment to LAFCO
    2. Housing Balance Initiative by Jane Kim, please give comment at Rules Committee Thursday at 2pm
    3. Minimum wage initiative also up for discussion at the Rules Committee that day
    4. Paulina with Daniel Flores, Cookies and Wine
    5. Let’s Elect Our Elected Officials Update – 6 voted against it
    6. Michael Petrelis, D8 Race
      1. We’re starting our campaign. Please help us out Scott Wiener. 
    7. Shanell Williams, CCSF Trustee introduces and supports Board of Trustees Candidate
      1. Board of Trustees Candidate, Wendy
      2. Mobilization Alamo Square Park on Saturday 10am-3pm
        1. Wendy: “CCSF saved my life”
      3. Contact Shanell to help
    8. Jane Kim renaming an ally
      1. Lech Walesa Ally, made anti-LGBT comments
      2. Rename to: Tom Waddell Ally, a prominent LGBT individual
      3. Monday July 21st 1:30pm hearing City Hall
  9. Daniel Flores, Thank you Harvey Milk Club for your support