Fighting for Asian Lives


The past year, we have seen an unbelievable spike in hate crimes against Asian Americans. The gun violence in Atlanta, Georgia has left eight dead, including six Asian American women. But we have also seen additional acts of violence against Asian American seniors here in San Francisco, including assaults against 83-year-old Ngoc Pham and 75-year-old Xiao Zhen Xie.

We must fight back to stop these hate crimes! This is one of our Club's top priorities.

Thank you to everyone who attended last night's General Membership Meeting. (If you missed it, you can watch it here.)

The Membership voted unanimously for the following motions:

1) A motion to cosponsor the Harvey Milk Annual Celebration Day of Service — a pandemic relief/ recovery center with DPH and UCSF led by Stephen Torres of the Harvey Milk Day Planning Coalition — and to support the closure petition for Castro Street between 18th and 17th/ Market) from 9am - 5pm, both on May 22nd.

2) A motion to support the efforts and goals of CART SF, a community-based alternative to a police-driven response to homelessness in the City.

3) A motion to support the elimination of the filibuster in the US Senate, to collaborate with Fix Our Senate to advocate for the elimination of the filibuster, and to send a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein asking her to advocate for ending the filibuster.

4) A motion to support AB 1400, "Guaranteed Health Care for All."

5) A motion to support AB 20, "Corporate-Free Elections Act."

6) A motion to support Assemblymember Alex Lee's (D-San Jose) proposal to impose a 1% annual tax on net household wealth of more than $50 million and an additional 0.5% on household wealth of more than $1 billion. (Read more about it in 48 Hills.)

7) A motion to support SB 331, "The Silence No More Act," which would protect workers against nondisclosure agreements and empower them to speak out about alleged acts of discrimination.

8) A motion to support the federal Protecting the Right to Organize Act," or PRO Act.

Also, the Membership elected Jupiter Peraza and Zahra Hajee to our Club's final two At-Large Executive Board Seats.