UPDATED: Official Harvey Milk Club Endorsements for November 2015 Election

Local Candidates
Mayor: No Endorsement*
District 3 Supervisor: Aaron Peskin
Sheriff: Ross Mirkarimi 
District Attorney: George Gascon
City Attorney: Dennis Herrera
Treasurer: Jose Cisneros
City College Board: Tom Temprano 

Local Initiatives
Proposition A (Affordable Housing Bond): Yes
Proposition B (Paid Parental Leave for City Employees): Yes
Proposition C (Expenditure Lobbying): No Position**
Proposition D (Mission Rock): Yes
Proposition E (Requirements for Public Meetings): No Position**
Proposition F (Short Term Residential Rentals): Yes
Proposition G (Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy): No
Proposition H (Defining Clean, Green and Renewable Energy): Yes
Proposition I (Luxury Housing Pause in the Mission): Yes
Proposition J (Legacy Business Preservation Fund): Yes
Proposition K (Surplus Public Lands): Yes

*No Endorsement = No candidate received more than 50%+1 of the total points possible.
**No Position = Did not meet the 60% threshold on the options of Yes, No, or No Recommendation.