Our Upcoming Board Elections

Here is the Milk Club's full list of endorsements for the election on February 15th:


State Assembly Member, District 17: David Campos

Measure A (Recalling School Board Member Alison Collins): no position

Measure B (Recalling School Board Member Gabriela Lopez): No

Measure C (Recalling School Board Member Faauuga Moliga): No

SF Assessor-Recorder: Joaquin Torres

Join the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club for our January General Membership Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday.

The Membership will elect our new 2022 Executive Board. And with up to four local elections in 2022, it is a critical time for our Club. So be sure to attend and make your voice heard in deciding our new leadership team.

You can view all our board nominees at www.milkclub.org/board. If you would like to nominate someone, email their name, email address, and the specific board position to [email protected].

The Milk Club will also be joined by Jane Kim, the incoming State Director for the California Working Families Party, to learn more about WFP and their launch throughout the Bay Area and California.

Don't miss it on Zoom at bit.ly/milkmeeting.

This is a remote-only meeting and will take place exclusively on Zoom. We have moved our meeting entirely online due to the surge of the Omicron variant and hope to be together again in-person soon.

Thank you to everyone who attended last night's "Back to HIV" January PAC Meeting with Dr. Monica Gandhi. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

The PAC also voted to support the following:

1) A motion that the Milk Club sponsor an upcoming action at City Hall urging the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, and the Department of Public Health to make HIV a priority in SF. (Stay tuned for more details.)

2) A motion to oppose any budget supplemental to increase police staffing, and any efforts to criminalize drug users; and to support the expedition of a service linkage center and safe consumption site, and related hiring of mental health professionals.

3) A motion to support non-police responses to 911 calls about mental health emergencies, and allowing dispatchers to contact alternative responses.

Nominations to our 2022 Milk Club Executive Board

All of the nominees listed below have accepted their nominations. (Nominations have been updated daily here.)

President or Co-Presidents
Edward Wright (he/him)

Vice President of Membership
Raya Steier (they/them)

Vice President of Political Action
1) Reid Coggins (he/him)
2) Nomvula O’Meara (she/they)

Vice President of Events and Fundraising
Jeffrey Kwong (he/him)

Vice President of Communications
Melissa Hernandez (she/they)

Jerry Fenske (he/him)

Membership Officer, Seat #1
1) Alvin Lee (he/they)
2) JConr B Ortega (we/our/us)

Membership Officer, Seat #2
Akeylah Hernandez (they/them)

Political Action Officer, Seat #1
Jackie Thornhill (she/her)

Political Action Officer, Seat #2
Zahra Hajee (she/her)

Events and Fundraising Officer, Seat #1
Katherine Usher (she/her)

Events and Fundraising Officer, Seat #2
Michael Rouppet (he/him)

Communications Officer
Seamus McGeever (he/him)

Kurtis Wu (he/him)

Your Milk Club Membership will lapse or totally expire on Tuesday, February 15th. So renew now!

2022 is a brand new year. Got Milk?

Now is the time to renew your Club Membership. If not, it will automatically be suspended or possibly expire entirely at the conclusion of our February 15th General Membership Meeting.

Do not let this happen to you! Renew now at www.milkclub.org/join and stay with us in the fight this new year.

And remember that your dues will cover you all the way into February 2023!

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Milk January General Membership Meeting:
Executive Board Election

Tuesday, January 18th I 7-9pm
Zoom Event Details here.
Facebook Event Details here.

Milk Club HIV Caucus Meeting
Friday, January 21st I 3-4pm
Zoom Events Details here.

To Your Queer Mental Health, and Elders
Saturday, January 22nd I 11am-1pm
Zoom Events Details here.
Facebook Event Details here.

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