ADEM & Milk Board Elections This Month!


Thank you to everyone who attended our Club's emergency No Coup Virtual Rally on Wednesday! If you missed it, you can watch it here.


Register to vote in the ADEM elections here.

At our December General Membership Meeting, the Club voted to endorse the following candidates for California Democratic Party ADEM:

AD-17 ADEM (Self-Identified Female):
Christin Evans 
Cherelle Jackson
Janelle Jolley 
Nomvula O'Meara
Jackie Prager
Susan Solomon
Joy Zhan

AD-17 ADEM (Other Than Self-Identified Female):
Christopher Christensen
Corey Hallman
Jeffrey Kwong
Julian LaRosa
Vanessa Pimentel
Njon Sanders
William Shields

AD-19 ADEM (Self-Identified Female):
Sophia Andary
Brigitte Davila
Alondra Esquivel
Alida Fisher
Kalimah Salahuddin
Jasper Wilde
Kaylah Paige Williams

AD-19 ADEM (Other Than Self-Identified Female):
Brandon Harami
Gabriel Medina
Joshua Ochoa
Gilbert Williams
Alan Wong

Remember to mail out your ballot no later than Friday, January 22nd. (Postage is included.)

And if you missed December's General Meeting and ADEM candidate speeches, feel free to watch it here.


The Milk Club has kicked off our 2021 Executive Board nomination process. If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself) to any of our E-Board positions, feel free to click here and follow the instructions.

The positions up for nomination are as follows:

President or two Co-Presidents, Vice-President for Internal Affairs, Vice President for Political Affairs, Vice President of Events and Fundraising, Treasurer, Executive Board for Internal, Executive Board for Political, Executive Board for Outreach, Executive Board for Events and Fundraising (Seat #1), Executive Board for Events and Fundraising (Seat #2), Executive Board for Organizing, Correspondent, and Recorder.

Here are the candidates who have so far accepted their nominations:

Co-Presidents: Kaylah Williams & Edward Wright
VP Internal: Reid Coggins
VP Political: Jackie Thornhill
VP Events & Fundraising: Jeffrey Kwong
Treasurer: Jerry Fenske
E-Board Internal: Brad Chapin
E-Board Political: Lee Hepner
E-Board Outreach: Kurtis Wu
E-Board Events & Fundraising, Seat 1: Michael Rouppet
E-Board Events & Fundraising, Seat 2: Alvin Lee
E-Board Organizing: Nomvula O'Meara
Correspondent: Seamus McGeever
Recorder: Raya Steier

The Membership will be electing its new Executive Board on Tuesday, January 19th from 7-9pm. If you would like to attend, please register on Zoom here.

And please take our quick community outreach survey here so that the Milk Club can set its priorities for 2021.

And renew your membership for 2021 by clicking here before it lapses or expires next month!

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