Milk Club December PAC Interviews and Recommendation Vote


When: Saturday, December 7th from 11am to 6pm.
Where: The Women's Building at 3543 18th Street.
Facebook Event Page is here.

Mark your calendars for the Milk Club's PAC Interview and Recommendation Vote for everything on the March 2020 Primary Ballot. It will be held Saturday, December 7th from 11am-6pm in the Audre Lorde Room at The Women's Building. Our final endorsement vote will take place at our Club's December General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, December 10th in the Auditorium of The Women's Building from 7-9pm.
If you want to inquire about your voting status, please email If you are a candidate requesting time to be interviewed, please email both and with a 5-minute time-frame that falls within your appropriate time block. Interviews generally will take 5 minutes and will include a speech from you, followed by Q&A from our Membership.
11:00am-2:15pm: SF DCCC
2:15pm-2:45pm: U.S. Congress
2:45pm-3:30pm: CA State Senate, CA State Assembly, Local Judges
3:30pm-4:00pm: State and Local Ballot Measures
4:00pm-4:30pm: U.S. President
4:30pm-6:00pm: Ballots Distributed, PAC Discussion, and Vote
Here is our schedule so far. Stay tuned for updates and questionnaires as they come in.
11:00am: Abra Castle (DCCC, AD 19)
11:05am: Nima Rahimi (DCCC, AD 17)
11:20am: Kristen Asato-Webb (DCCC, AD 17)
11:35am: Peter Gallotta (DCCC, AD 17)
11:45am: Sophie Maxwell (DCCC, AD 17)
11:50am: Shanell Williams (DCCC, AD 17)
11:55am: available
12:00pm: Frances Hsieh (DCCC, AD 17)
12:05pm: Leah LaCroix (DCCC, AD 19)
12:10pm: Janice Li (DCCC, AD 19)
12:15pm: Janice Li for Kelly Groth (DCCC, AD 19)
12:20pm: Queena Chen (DCCC, AD 19)
12:25pm: Steven Buss (DCCC, AD 17)
12:30pm: Seeyew Mo (DCCC, AD 19)
12:35pm: Nadia Rahman (DCCC, AD 19)
12:40pm: Mick Del Rosario (DCCC, AD 17)
12:45pm: Shamann Walton (DCCC, AD 17)
12:50pm: John Avalos (DCCC, AD 17)
12:55pm: Kevin Ortiz (DCCC, AD 17)
1:00pm: Li Miao Lovett (DCCC, AD 19)
1:05pm: Michael Chen (DCCC, AD 17)
1:10pm: Edward Wright for Gordon Mar (DCCC, AD 19)
1:15pm: A.J. Thomas (DCCC, AD 19)
1:20pm: Keith Baraka (DCCC, AD 19)
1:25pm: Honey Mahogany (DCCC, AD 17)
1:30pm: Mano Raju (DCCC, AD 19)
1:35pm: Nomvula O'Meara (DCCC, AD 17)
1:40pm: Faauuga Moliga (DCCC, AD 19)
1:45pm: Rafael Mandelman (DCCC, AD 17)
1:50pm: Shaun Haines (DCCC, AD 17)
1:55pm: Gloria Berry (DCCC, AD 17)
2:05pm: Hillary Ronen for Matt Haney (DCCC, AD 17)
2:20pm: Agatha Bacelar (CD 12)
2:25pm: David Campos for Nancy Pelosi (CD 12)
2:30pm: David Campos (DCCC, AD 17)
2:40pm: Shahid Buttar (CD 12)
2:55pm: Barry Hermanson (State Senate District 11)
3:05pm: Phil Ting (CA State AD 19)
3:10pm: Maxine Doogan for Scott Wiener (State Senate District 11)
3:25pm: Maria Elena Evangelista (Judge, Seat 1)
3:35pm: Esther Marks for Yes on The San Francisco Balanced Development Act (Local)
3:40pm: Tom Temprano for Yes on The City College Facilities Bond (Local)
3:50pm: Sunny Angulo for Yes on The Storefront Vacancy Tax (Local)
3:55pm: Gabriel Haaland for Yes on The Schools and Communities First (Statewide, November 2020)
4:00pm: Roxanne Delu for Marianne Williams
4:05pm: Jane Kim for Bernie Sanders
4:10pm: Jane Kim (DCCC, AD 17)
4:15pm: Representatives for Elizabeth Warren
4:20pm: Terry Beswick for Pete Buttigieg
4:25pm: available
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