Milk Club Endorsement Season



Dear Candidates and Ballot Measure Representatives,

Congratulations on declaring your candidacy for office or your preferred ballot measure position. The Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club invites you to get to know us a little better as we plan our endorsements for the November 2020 election. Your participation in our Club’s questionnaire will allow our Membership to better understand who you are, what you stand for, and what you plan to accomplish if you are elected to office or your ballot position is successful.

There are three parts to our questionnaire, plus additional questions for individual offices: Part 1 is a series of short-answer questions, with a 150-word limit on answers. Part 2 is a series of Yes or No questions covering a broad set of issues. Part 3 covers whom you have endorsed for office currently and in the past.

(Representatives of ballot measure positions only need to answer questions pertaining to ballot measures.)

Candidates, please email your answers to Edward Wright, our Vice President of Political Affairs, at and to no later than July 23rd.

In addition to this questionnaire, we invite you to participate in a recorded video interview on Zoom with Club leadership on either July 25th or July 26th. This virtual interview replaces the typical in-person presentation to our Membership, and the recording will be shared with our Members ahead of our endorsement recommendation and final vote. Stay tuned for more details on this later in the month.

Representatives of ballot measure positions will be interviewed during our regularly-scheduled July PAC Meeting on Tuesday, July 14th from 7-9pm, so please return your questionnaires prior to that date. Stay tuned for more details.

Your questionnaire responses and interview answers will weigh heavily in our overall endorsement process, so please take both seriously. Please contact us at to schedule an appointment once your questionnaire is completed.

Here is the link to our updated 2020 Questionnaire.


Good Luck!


Also, if you have a specific question you would like for us to ask any of the candidates, please submit them here.

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