Here is our Club's list of endorsements for the November 2019 ballot:

Mayor: no position
District 5 Supervisor: Dean Preston (sole-endorsement)
City Attorney: Dennis Herrera
District Attorney: Chesa Boudin (sole-endorsement)
Public Defender: Manohar Raju
no position
Treasurer: Jose Cisneros
Board of Education: Jenny Lam
Community College Board: Ivy Lee

Yes on Measure A: Affordable Homes for San Franciscans Now
Yes on Measure B: A New Department of Disability and Aging Services​
No on Measure C: SF Kids vs. Big Tobacco
Yes on Measure D: Safer Streets, Less Traffic, Better MUNI
Yes on Measure E: Affordable Homes for Teachers and Families
Yes on Measure F: Sunlight on Dark Money