2017 Harvey Milk Club Executive Board

Thank you to all of the members who participated in this year's Club officer elections and congratulations to the newly elected 2017 Harvey Milk Club Executive Board!

Co-Presidents: Kimberly Alvarenga & Carolina Morales
VP Political Affairs: Adele Failes-Carpenter
VP Internal Affairs: Kevin Bard
VP External Affairs: Mia Satya
E-Board Political: Katy Birnbaum
E-Board Internal: Jenna Haywood
E-Board Organizing: Gomez Arteaga
E-Board Outreach: Benji Hunt
E-Board Outreach: Brad Chapin
Correspondent: Caitlin Prendiville
Recorder: William Juarez
Treasurer: Charles Sanchez
Events & Fundraising: Anna Heredia 
Ex-Officio: Peter Gallotta

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