PAC Recommendations for November 2018


Once again, thank you to everyone who attended our PAC vote. Here are our PAC recommendations for the November ballot. The final Membership Endorsement Vote will take place on August 21st from 7-9pm at the Women's Building.

We have also included links to the candidates' PAC questionnaires for your review. If you are a candidate and would like us to include your questionnaire, feel free to download a copy here and email the completed version to both and

And if you are a candidate for office outside of San Francisco and would like to be considered for an endorsement, feel free to download a questionnaire here and email the completed version to both and

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming endorsement process for candidates running outside of SF!

Governor: No Position
Attorney General: Xavier Becerra
CA Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
Assembly District 17: No Position

District 2 Supervisor: No Position
District 4 Supervisor: Gordon Mar
District 10 Supervisor: #1 Tony Kelly, #2 Shamann Walton
School Board: Alison Collins, Gabriela Lopez
(Mia Satya has already received an early endorsement.)
Community College Board: Brigitte Davila, John Rizzo, Thea Selby
Public Defender: Jeff Adachi
Assessor-Recorder: No Position
District 8 BART Board: Janice Li

State Propositions:

1 (Veteran Housing): Yes
2 (Homelessness Prevention): Yes
3 (Water Bond): No Position
4 (Children's Hospital Bond): Yes
5 (Property Transfer Tax): No Position
6 (Gas Tax Repeal): No
7 (Daylight Savings Time): No Position
8 (Limits on Dialysis Clinics' Revenue): Yes
10 (Costa-Hawkins Repeal): Yes
11 (Ambulance Workers On-Call During Breaks): No Position
12 (Less Farm Animal Confinement): Yes

Local Measures:

A (Seawall Bond): Yes
B (City Privacy Guidelines): Yes
C (Our City, Our Home): Yes
D (Cannabis Business Tax): Yes
E (Hotel Tax Spending for the Arts): Yes

Milk Club PAC Questionnaires for the November 2018 Election:

D2 Supervisor - Schuyler Hudak

D2 Supervisor - Nick Josefowitz

D2 Supervisor - Catherine Stefani

D4 Supervisor - Jessica Ho

D4 Supervisor - Adam Kim

D4 Supervisor - Gordon Mar

D4 Supervisor - Trevor McNeil

D10 Supervisor - Gloria Berry

D10 Supervisor - Theo Ellington

D10 Supervisor - Tony Kelly

D10 Supervisor - Shamann Walton

School Board - Monica Chinchilla

School Board - Alison Collins

School Board - Alida Fisher

School Board - Phil Kim

School Board - Li Miao Lovett

School Board - Gabriela López

School Board - Faauuga Moliga

School Board - Emily Murase

School Board - Michelle Parker

School Board - Martin Rawlings-Fein

School Board - John D. Trasviña

Community College Board - Brigitte Davila

Community College Board - Victor Olivieri

Community College Board - John Rizzo

Community College Board - Thea Selby

Public Defender - Jeff Adachi

Assessor-Recorder - Paul Bellar

Assesor-Recorder - Carmen Chu

D8 BART Board - Janice Li

D8 BART Board - Jonathan_Lyens

D8 BART Board - Melanie Nutter

D8 BART Board - William Walker (part 1)

D8 BART Board - William Walker (part 2)

Milk Club PAC Questionnaires for the November 2018 Election (Outside of SF):

D4 Fremont City Council - Justin Sha

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